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Ashleigh (Ash) Asler
Ashleigh is a young human woman. She's 27 years old, stands about 5'11", & weights about 170lbs. Her body type is pear. Though she currently has shoulder length brassy/golden blonde hair, she used to have black hair. She nearly always wears it in a braid or high ponytail. Her eyes are light hazel brown. Her skin-tone also used to be lighter, but now shimmers slightly & has shades of a golden brass, with a scale sheen/motif.
Ashleigh wears a white blouse & a blue wool skirt, with a faded blue overdress over the top & secured with a belt. She also wears a pair of well worn black boots & an ample, secondhand royal blue cloak with a hood. She wears one dagger visibly at her waist and hides another in her right boot. Ashleigh also has her wand in a handmade sheath on her belt. The wand made of brass & is exactly 15 inches long, including the small, roughly cut piece of garnet at the tip.
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Erin 05: Books and Cats by grimay by Caller-of-Storms Erin 05: Books and Cats by grimay :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 6 2
Long version:
Erin is a young woman in her mid 20s. Her posture is good and she stands about 5'6", with a column body type. She is in good shape and exercises moderately. Her skin is of medium color, with light yellow/golden undertones. Her hair is True Black and is usually tied up in a basic ponytail; it falls to just past her shoulders when loose. Her eyes are forest green and she has a faint scar that runs from above her left eye to the middle of her left cheek. One would estimate her weight at about 150lbs and her three sizes at 36B-32-36. She has no piercing but does have one tattoo: a triple spiral in the same shade of green as her eyes on her left shoulder blade/upper back.
Erynn favors cool colors, particularly blues, greens, and violets. She prefers comfortable clothing to fashionable but often combines both to good effect. She usually wears modest/conservative cut clothing, with a classic sort of feel. She prefers skirts & skorts of all lengths to everything else, but she doe
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Erin 04 (OC) by CubeWatermelon by Caller-of-Storms Erin 04 (OC) by CubeWatermelon :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 3 2 Ser Erin Jeris Arnet, Knight 81 of Princess Heart by Caller-of-Storms Ser Erin Jeris Arnet, Knight 81 of Princess Heart :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 15 41 Erin 03 (Commission by smiling-grouch) by Caller-of-Storms Erin 03 (Commission by smiling-grouch) :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 3 2 Erin, Chibi 01 (Commission by grimay) by Caller-of-Storms Erin, Chibi 01 (Commission by grimay) :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 1 0 Erin 02 (Commission by grimay) by Caller-of-Storms Erin 02 (Commission by grimay) :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 4 0 Erin 01 (Commission by Addicted2Kura) by Caller-of-Storms Erin 01 (Commission by Addicted2Kura) :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 0 0 Lilyanna McKenzie Aurelian by Caller-of-Storms Lilyanna McKenzie Aurelian :iconcaller-of-storms:Caller-of-Storms 3 2
Wrenn's Escape
A frantic horn blast shattered the serenity of the hamlet before it was abruptly silenced. Villagers emerged from their houses, shops, and the mines, looking around in confusion and fear. There was still a great deal of the day to go before the horn was to be sounded again, announcing to all that night had fallen somewhere far up on the surface. Not that any of the villagers had ever seen a night or much less a day for that matter. It was just an old custom that the Elders had insisted be followed in their usual way. Since the horn was not supposed to sound so early, a couple Elders and a few others went to investigate. Half their number returned at a dead run, screaming that the Troll had come again. As the hamlet sank into panic and confusion, a boy crept away from the rest and set about putting his own plan into effect.
"Give me foods and treasures now, old bones, before we crushs you and your peoples between our teeths!" Threats delivered by a troll standing less than a foot from y
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The Biologist's Boyfriend - A letter
We first met, when the old oak still stood tall.
I was new to campus and you only one year older.
We studied the Grecian histories together,
and traded quips and stories about our lives.
Two years passed since that class together,
our paths grew closer to a grand intersection.
When you crossed the pond and visited the tower,
we chatted via phone and online; we Skyped.
Though our bodies were distant, our souls interacted,
and the love between us increased every day.
The days grew longer, our love bloomed brighter:
I confessed to you, a voice from text.
You left the City of Lights behind you and
the day after Christmas, we met each other anew.
Our time in the airport was short, but magical.
I bought you some socks! Do you still wear them?
We kissed goodbye and you flew away, home.
My heart would endure, that long January.
That was a year ago and more, since that first kiss.
Now it is my turn to fly, to find my way to you.
I count down the days, six, five, four, three, two,
only one day l
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Why did discussion die?
The hell is with people these days?
It seem that every soul I seem to know,
spends all day stuck in their own ways.
Why is this stagnation the status quo?
What ever happened to talking things out?
Or to discussing problems like civilized gents?
We don't know anything beyond all doubt,
so sharing our ideas makes a lot of sense.
Why can't we all just accept the grey,
and see that the world isn't black & white.
But look at me, stuck in my own ways.
I don't have any kind of preemptive right.
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I could have been a contender
"I could have been a contender"
You see, I've always loved that line:
its longing of greater glories appeals to me, for,
in its terseness, it doth describe me, all.
Could have been a someone, with
my name would have been sung along with the others,
the heroes, the gods, and even the villains, of days,
days of yore. Oh, for those distant days, I long.
My name is of little consequence: even if I spoke it,
it would pull forth no memories, no pictures.
History has forgotten me, has passed me by,
and left me hitchhiking on life's winding road.
You see, I saw my chance! Life laid it out,
as plain, as obvious, as it could be,
like a ten-day old fish begs for the disposal.
You see, I could have been a savior.
No, not that one, with his Book and Word.
No, think far back, much further still,
back to when the world was one,
before the doom of that world, the Flood.
The Voice, it spoke to me, before Noah
ever measured his first cubit. I was asked,
but I felt unworthy and unable. I bowed out,
and w
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I have gone out, a shadow in the blackness
I have gone out, a shadow in the blackness,
Watch me flit, see me fly, glimpse my eyes.
But turn back, you, watcher there,
The path I stride, I do with no pride.
I liberate items and reveal hidden secrets.
There is nothing beyond my reach, that I cannot grasp:
All tales and dreams reach my ears, given time.
So beware, do not give me cause to pause, to care.
Hear the bells; tonight's resurrection is close at hand.
Go now, while you yet have the shards of innocence,
Or stay, and reap rewards and suffer terrors,
Beyond the imaginations of a million sinners.
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A thousand years ago
A thousand years ago,
When I was a young man of two centuries,
I made a promise to a woman
Whom I still love.
No matter the day, regardless the hour,
I shall appear, I will be there.
To protect her, to preserve her line
Till the stars turn cold and infinity breaks.
So keep that in mind
You who stands before me.
Know that the one who watches my back
She shall be forever out of your reach.
For I am the Warrior: the first, the last.
You have not been the first,
But this moment will be your last.
Tell Hades, I say hello.
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$ Portal Fusion by DB-Palette $ Portal Fusion :icondb-palette:DB-Palette 75 14 +Before and After - Heart to Heart+ by larienne +Before and After - Heart to Heart+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,794 65 Princess Peach [Mario Odyssey] by Vivinem Princess Peach [Mario Odyssey] :iconvivinem:Vivinem 205 20 Caz by miriamylam Caz :iconmiriamylam:miriamylam 127 17 Cosmic Girl by EnciferART Cosmic Girl :iconenciferart:EnciferART 23 3 Frontbender by MichaelFusselbirne
Mature content
Frontbender :iconmichaelfusselbirne:MichaelFusselbirne 19 4
The 13th Doctor by ZiaTimeTwist The 13th Doctor :iconziatimetwist:ZiaTimeTwist 18 49 13th Doctor by NatyFencer 13th Doctor :iconnatyfencer:NatyFencer 37 15 Welcome, 13! by Idrisanex Welcome, 13! :iconidrisanex:Idrisanex 31 2 Claymore Teresa by gooloo0-o Claymore Teresa :icongooloo0-o:gooloo0-o 1,132 38 Claymore Miria by gooloo0-o Claymore Miria :icongooloo0-o:gooloo0-o 2,560 104 Claymore Irene by gooloo0-o Claymore Irene :icongooloo0-o:gooloo0-o 2,641 105 Teresa Awakening? by gooloo0-o Teresa Awakening? :icongooloo0-o:gooloo0-o 10,176 396
The Suit TG
The Suit
"Mr. Gardener? I am the representative from Nuhaizi Global. A pleasure to meet you."
I looked up from my desk at the young, Chinese woman who stood in the doorway of my office. She had long, perfectly-black hair which fell in a seamless curtain on her neck. Her suit was lean and black as well, with only the even collar edges of a light-red top showing at her neck. Her expression was neither inviting nor abrasive. It looked clinical. Her eyes avoided mine and her voice was without accent.
I stood from my chair and reached out my hand to her. She took it calmly with a sedate shake and a slight bow. I gestured to the chair in front of my desk. Before sitting, she reached into a pocket, retrieved an immaculate business card, and handed it to me.
The card gave her name as "Miss Lin Xiumei" on one side and in Chinese on the opposite. The Nuhaizi logo and name was right after that, followed by "International Representative in Matters of Legal Concern" and "Fluent in English, C
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 188 112
CAEKDRESS by RivkaZ CAEKDRESS :iconrivkaz:RivkaZ 9 12 Collab-Peach Blossom by Linkakami Collab-Peach Blossom :iconlinkakami:Linkakami 66 7


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Favourite photographer: My Friends!!
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MP3 player of choice: Itunes or my Razr
Wallpaper of choice: Magic the Gathering
Favorite cartoon character: Calvin and Hobbes
Favorite animated character: Simon from TTGL
Personal Quote: All things in moderation, moderation included.


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